Genesis Bio-Lab offers a wide range of processing specialisations and integrated services:

Research and Development
– product development projects

(eg. enzyme hydrolysis)


Milling and Cryogenic Milling


(eg. sachets – 50 grams and greater, bottling – bottles, pottles and jars, pouches and foil sachets)

Sourcing New Zealand Farm Grown

– aqueous, not alcohol (eg. bioactives, protein, mucopolysaccharide, polyphenols, anthocyanins)

Freeze Drying (lyophilisation)

(eg. hard gelatin or “vegecap” capsule, tableting)



The following list are the typical products that are processed at Genesis Bio-Lab, showing the diversity of processing available:

Health and Nutrition Products

From the Land

Food freeze dried

  • Any berry, fruit or vegetable in whole or powder forms, including kiwifruit, blueberries, and strawberries.

Freeze Dried and Cryogenically Milled

  • Gland and adrenal products including: ovine (sheep), bovine (beef), cervine (deer), and porcine (pig)
  • MCHC: calcium hydroxyapatite and native collagen
  • Collagen powder or cosmetic solutions
  • Vegetable and fruit powders to order

Marine Sourced              

Freeze Dried and Cryogenically Milled 

  • Oysters
  • Marine collagen liquid and powder
  • Marine proteins and peptones
  • Abalone
  • Fucoidin in powder or liquid form
  • Seaweed extracts in liquid or powder form
  • Blue mussels (Pacific mussels) sourced from New Zealand only
  • Greenshell mussel (sourced from New Zealand only)

Health Products

Cosmeceutical Products

  • GAG bearing protein rich polyhydrate solutions and powders extracted from ovine and bovine placental material
  • Sheep placental extracts and powders
  • Marine collagen solutions and powders

Nutraceutical Products

  • Glands and organs fresh, frozen or freeze dried (lyophilized)
  • Enzyme, hormone and growth factor bearing
  • Native collagen growth factor bearing